1. Live at Dave's Taverna

  2. For Morton Feldman

  3. Live at the VU Symposium
    Matt Smiley and Ryan Seward

  4. No Tricks
    Sunken Helmets

  5. Summer Songs
    Sunken Helmets

  6. Catorce Platanos
    Sunken Helmets

  7. 30 Bananas
    Sunken Helmets

  8. Peaceful Contact Proved Elusive
    Matt Smiley and Alex Nauman

  9. Too Damn Tight!
    Alex Nauman Organ Trio + 3

  10. 2009 Open Space Festival of New Music: Stephen Drury
    The Cobra Ensemble

  11. 2010 Open Space Festival of New Music: Christian Wolff
    The Cobra Ensemble

  12. 2011 Open Space Festival of New Music: Silent Film Music
    Montera, Imbert, Elwood, Smiley + The Cobra Ensemble

  13. 2012 Open Space Festival of New Music: John Cage
    MTM + The UNC Scratch Music Orchestra

  14. 2013 Open Space Festival of New Music: Alvin Lucier
    The Open Space Ensemble

  15. 2015 Open Space Festival of New Music: Midnight Concert
    The Open Space Ensemble

  16. 2012 Aquila Concert: Archery
    The Aquila Ensemble

  17. 2013 Aquila Concert: Christian Wolff Burdocks
    The Aquila Ensemble

  18. 2014 Aquila Concert: Cornelius Cardew Treatise
    The Aquila Ensemble

  19. 2015 Aquila Concert: Naked City Covers
    Naked City Cover Band

  20. 2010 Live at Dazzle: Ornette Coleman
    Matt Smiley Double Quartet

  21. 2012 Live at Dazzle: Quartet Art
    Matt Smiley Quintet

  22. 2014 Live at Dazzle: Don Cherry
    Matt Smiley Sextet

  23. 2014 Live at the Alley Cat Cafe: SOLO

  24. 2015 Live at Black Swan
    Matt Smiley and Collin Watters

  25. 2015 Live at the Crown Pub: 30th Birthday Show
    Art Deco

  26. 2015 Live at ISB: Bass Cobra
    The Colorado Renegade Bass Ensemble

  27. 2016 Live: Improvisations
    Ryan Seward, Matt Smiley and Farrell Lowe

  28. MMMJ

  29. Montana's Free Duo
    Alex Nauman and Matt Smiley

  30. Ignore
    (Free Improvisation)

  31. Lacrosse
    (Home Recording)

  32. John Coltrane Guitar Quartets
    (Home Recording)

  33. Cornelius Cardew - Treatise
    (Home Recording)

  34. Terry Riley - IN C (Electric Bass)
    (Home Recording)

  35. Tao Teh Ching
    (Bass and Voice)

  36. Sessions
    (Original Compositions)

  37. The Avant Garde
    (Home Recordings)


Matt Smiley Denver, Colorado

Bassist, composer and educator who has performed in a variety of musical settings over the last twenty years. He has a bachelor’s in music industry from James Madison University, and a master’s in jazz studies from the University of Northern Colorado. He has recently performed w legendary jazz musicians Terrell Stafford and Greg Osby, and worked with composers Alvin Lucier and Christian Wolff. ... more

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