1. Tao Teh Ching

  2. Live at the Crown Pub
    Matt Smiley Like Quintet

  3. ignore

  4. John Coltrane Tribute at Dazzle

  5. Catorce Platanos

  6. Live!
    Art Deco

  7. Coltrane Guitar

  8. Sessions

  9. A Minus/B Plus
    Matt Smiley/Mitchell Rotunno

  10. Naked City Covers @ Aquila

  11. Play Ornette Coleman's Science Fiction
    Briana Harris and Matt Smiley

  12. 30 Bananas

  13. ISB 2015 - BASS COBRA
    The Colorado Renegade Bass Ensemble

  14. 30th Birthday Concert
    Art Deco

  15. Open Space 2015 Midnight Concert

  16. PCPE: Live at Lunch
    Ryan Fourt/Matt Smiley

  17. Live at Black Swan
    Matt Smiley/Collin Watters

  18. Peaceful Contact Proved Elusive
    Matt Smiley/Alex Nauman

  19. Don Cherry Tribute Live

  20. Treatise Live!
    Matt Smiley/Cornelius Cardew

  21. Ayler, Cherry, Coleman, Haden at the Crown Pub
    Art Deco

  22. Plays Ornette Coleman, Charlie Haden and Don Cherry
    Art Deco

  23. SOLO: Live at the Alley Cat Cafe

  24. Complete Communion Live
    Matt Smiley Quartet

  25. Lacrosse

  26. Christian Wolff: Burdocks


  28. 2013 Open Space Festival of New Music (excerpts)

  29. The Avant Garde

  30. Too Damn Tight!
    Alex Nauman Organ Trio + 3

  31. Ascension: Live at Dazzle
    The Matt Smiley Large Ensemble

  32. Quartet Art Live at Dazzle 4/22/2012
    Matt Smiley Quintet

  33. MMMJ
    Matt Johnson, Matt Smiley, Matt Coyle, and Josh D. Reed

  34. Archery
    The Aquila Ensemble

  35. Montana's Free Duo
    Alex Nauman and Matt Smiley

  36. Quartet Art Live!
    Matt Smiley Quintet

  37. Christian Wolff: Edges
    Cobra Ensemble + Christian Wolff

  38. Fall of the House of Usher (1928)
    Matt Smiley, Paul Elwood, Raphael Imbert, Jean-Marc Montera

  39. IN C (Electric Bass)

  40. Cornelius Cardew - Treatise

  41. Free Jazz Live at Dazzle
    Matt Smiley's Double Quartet


Matt Smiley Fort Collins, Colorado

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